Who’s John Sommers?

This is where I’m supposed to explain my credentials, describe my humble upbringing, or write something clever. But the question of who I am is too big to answer here and I’m too old and tired to be very clever. As the great existential psychotherapist Irvin Yalom might say, what are we other than the reflected appraisals of others? This makes me  curious about who you think I am. Most days, I already know who I think I am. I’m a University professor who spends most days lecturing, grading papers, listening to students, and staying balanced. This blog is a glimpse of my less balanced side. Because I have an professional blog, it seemed only right to bookend it with an unprofessional one. My other blog is edited and scientific. My academic self would never use words like magic or secret or fuck. But this blog, it’s the raw, less edited footage where I get to jump into politics, the media, social issues, and whatever strikes my fancy.